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        AC Motor Capacitor

        • CBB65


        • Standard:IEC 60252-1
        • Climate type:40/70/21 or 40/85/21
        • I.R:≥3000S(MΩ?μF)
        • Dielectric dissipation factor:tgδ≤0.002 (50Hz~100Hz)
        • Product description: CBB65
        • INQUIRY
        Capacitor CBB65 AC Motor Run 450VAC


        The products are made of electrical class metalized polypropylene film, thickened metalized electrode, metal box, vacuum oiling, 250# quick-connect terminal leading, P2 class pressure-type and explosion-proof structure. The metallized film is tight winded by high-velocity winders and canned in aluminum cases. Refined castor oil is adopted as impregnation agent treated in vacuum and high temperature condition.


        1. For starting and operating of monophase asynchronous motor with the frequency between 50 to 60 Hz

        2. Use for motor running in household electric appliances as air conditioner, refrigerater, 50-60Hz AC powersupply.

        3. For some special usage as customer designed.


        Numbers AC Motor Run Capacitor Specifications AC Motor Run Capacitor Size
        1 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 1-9uF Φ40*60
        2 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 10uF Φ40*70
        3 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 15uF Φ45*70
        4 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 20uF Φ45*75
        5 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 25uF Φ50*85
        6 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 30uF Φ50*100
        7 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 35uF Φ50*100
        8 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 40uF Φ50*100
        9 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 45uF Φ50*100
        10 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 50uF Φ50*125
        11 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 55uF Φ50*125
        12 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 60uF Φ50*125
        13 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 65uF Φ55*125
        14 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 70uF Φ55*125
        15 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 80uF Φ60*125
        16 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 90uF Φ60*125
        17 Capacitor CBB65 450VAC 100uF Φ63.5*125


        Production and Package:


        Q1: If samples available?

        A:We are honored to offer you samples for free, but the new clients are expected to pay the express cost,

        and the charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.

        Q2: How is the guarantee of the quality?

        A:Any quality problem, you can contact the sales or the manager, our engineers will settle the problem, and we promise  to replace goods or return your funds.

        Q3: How about the delivery time?

        A: If we have the stock, we will arrange the delivery immediately, The delivery time is according to the quantity, normally 7-20 days. If request in urgent, please contact us for details.

        Q4: How about the payment:

        A: TT, West Union, Paypal, Crash, Escrow, especially Escrow.

        Anybody, anytime, anything, you can reach us.

        We will be on your side for 24 hours.



        CONTACT US

        Contact: Alina

        Phone: 0086-18105625048

        Tel: 0086-562-2888065

        Email: chris@anhuizr.com

        Add: 7th Floor No.2626 Cuihu Road, Tongling City,Anhui Province

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